What should I fill in the "Order ID field" when submitting a Missing Cashback claim?

Order IDs are unique to each store or even order. You will usually receive either an email or SMS confirmation when you've successfully made an order on the partner store's website or app. The Order ID should be available in the email or SMS. Alternatively, it may appear in your account (in purchase history) on the merchant's website or app.

If you have lost or are unable to find the order ID, you can email the store to retrieve it.

You can view the samples for Order IDs below:

Store / Merchant Name Order ID Sample Sample of Order Confirmation Proof
(Right click to enlarge)
Shopee  1811240XXXXXXXX ( 15 Digits included alphabet) Example_shopeeII.jpg
Lazada 20634XXXXXXXXX ( 15 Digits ) Lazada.jpg
Konvy 1177XXXX ( 8 digits ) Konvy.png
Agoda 2629XXXXX ( 9 digits )  Example_agoda.png

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